BUCS 4s & 8s Head 2020BUCS 4s & 8s Head 2020

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Event DivNum Club Sub Time Started Posn
M Ch 4xSunday Div 11Newcastle16:51.83
M Ch 4xSunday Div 12Reading16:50.02
M Ch 4xSunday Div 13Durham16:46.71
M Ch 4xSunday Div 14Hartpury18:37.34
W Ch 8+Sunday Div 16Newcastle18:25.01
W Ch 8+Sunday Div 17Edinburgh18:29.82
W Ch 8+Sunday Div 18Imperial19:52.44
W Ch 8+Sunday Div 19Durham19:13.73
W Ch 8+Sunday Div 110Bath21:38.06
W Ch 8+Sunday Div 111Nottingham20:26.35
W Int 8+Sunday Div 112Edinburgh'A'20:25.46
W Int 8+Sunday Div 113Newcastle'A'19:20.81
W Int 8+Sunday Div 114Exeter'A'19:32.92
W Int 8+Sunday Div 115Newcastle'B'21:34.28
W Int 8+Sunday Div 116Durham'A'20:14.55
W Int 8+Sunday Div 117Exeter'B'22:23.613
W Int 8+Sunday Div 118Liverpool20:11.74
W Int 8+Sunday Div 119Queen's21:25.67
W Int 8+Sunday Div 121Dundee27:12.321
W Int 8+Sunday Div 122Leeds23:31.017
W Int 8+Sunday Div 123Glasgow20:08.23
W Int 8+Sunday Div 128Nottingham21:55.111
W Int 8+Sunday Div 129Nottingham Trent22:45.415
W Int 8+Sunday Div 130Sheffield21:43.39
W Int 8+Sunday Div 131Manchester21:54.110
W Int 8+Sunday Div 132Sheffield Hallam27:26.122
W Int 8+Sunday Div 134Surrey'A'22:25.014
W Int 8+Sunday Div 137Edinburgh'B'22:56.316
W Int 8+Sunday Div 139Durham'B'26:52.720
W Int 8+Sunday Div 140Surrey'B'25:34.819
W Int 8+Sunday Div 141York'B'21:55.812
W Int 8+Sunday Div 142Durham'C'24:00.518
M Int 4xSunday Div 144Durham17:42.22
M Int 4xSunday Div 145Reading'A'17:39.51
M Int 4xSunday Div 146Queen's'A'17:46.23
M Int 4xSunday Div 147Edinburgh'A'19:15.46
M Int 4xSunday Div 148De Montfort18:38.65
M Int 4xSunday Div 151Northumbria'A'24:48.917
M Int 4xSunday Div 153Nottingham20:17.712
M Int 4xSunday Div 154Nottingham Trent19:58.510
M Int 4xSunday Div 155Worcester24:24.715
M Int 4xSunday Div 157UCL20:54.513
M Int 4xSunday Div 158Northumbria'B'24:37.316
M Int 4xSunday Div 159Edinburgh'B'19:51.69
M Int 4xSunday Div 160Queen's'B'20:00.811
M Int 4xSunday Div 161Reading'B'18:16.44
M Int 4xSunday Div 162Reading'C'19:20.37
M Int 4xSunday Div 163Edinburgh'C'21:42.214
M Int 4xSunday Div 164Reading'D'19:47.18
M Ch 4-Sunday Div 165Newcastle18:32.74
M Ch 4-Sunday Div 166Imperial18:19.13
M Ch 4-Sunday Div 168Nottingham18:33.15
M Ch 4-Sunday Div 169Edinburgh18:00.21
M Ch 4-Sunday Div 170Glasgow18:11.32
M Ch Lwt 4-Sunday Div 171Nottingham18:35.72
M Ch Lwt 4-Sunday Div 172Newcastle'A'18:50.64
M Ch Lwt 4-Sunday Div 174Newcastle'B'18:10.71
M Ch Lwt 4-Sunday Div 175Bath18:50.03
M Ch Lwt 4-Sunday Div 176Exeter19:08.85
M Ch 4+Sunday Div 177Imperial17:21.11
M Ch 4+Sunday Div 178Newcastle18:30.44
M Ch 4+Sunday Div 180Durham'A'17:59.82
M Ch 4+Sunday Div 181Edinburgh18:09.63
M Ch 4+Sunday Div 182Nottingham19:00.35
M Int 4+Sunday Div 188Imperial'A'18:20.52
M Int 4+Sunday Div 189Durham'A'18:02.51
M Int 4+Sunday Div 190Leeds20:28.111
M Int 4+Sunday Div 193Birmingham City23:33.317
M Int 4+Sunday Div 194Dundee24:38.518
M Int 4+Sunday Div 197Newcastle'A'18:49.63
M Int 4+Sunday Div 198Glasgow19:44.28
M Int 4+Sunday Div 199Exeter19:13.06
M Int 4+Sunday Div 1100Bath'A'19:02.34
M Int 4+Sunday Div 1104Warwick22:12.214
M Int 4+Sunday Div 1105Manchester'A'20:06.39
M Int 4+Sunday Div 1106Sheffield22:01.712
M Int 4+Sunday Div 1108UCL23:08.916
M Int 4+Sunday Div 1109Worcester22:01.712
M Int 4+Sunday Div 1112Newcastle'B'20:19.610
M Int 4+Sunday Div 1113Imperial'B'19:29.97
M Int 4+Sunday Div 1116Manchester'B'22:39.215
M Int 4+Sunday Div 1117Durham'C'19:04.95
W Ch Lwt 4xSunday Div 1119De Montfort23:33.54
W Ch Lwt 4xSunday Div 1120Nottingham20:19.12
W Ch Lwt 4xSunday Div 1121Reading20:06.51
M Ch 8+Sunday Div 2200Newcastle12:48.32
M Ch 8+Sunday Div 2201Imperial12:18.11
M Ch 8+Sunday Div 2202Edinburgh12:53.53
M Ch 8+Sunday Div 2203Durham13:04.44
M Ch 8+Sunday Div 2204Glasgow13:51.86
M Ch 8+Sunday Div 2205Nottingham13:46.75
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2206Newcastle'A'13:09.72
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2207Imperial'A'13:07.71
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2208Nottingham15:17.718
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2209Bath'A'14:28.612
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2210Exeter13:24.53
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2211Durham'A'13:28.34
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2213Edinburgh13:49.46
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2214Queen Mary18:32.525
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2215Surrey'A'14:02.07
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2218Warwick'A'14:27.711
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2219Manchester16:27.122
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2220Sheffield'A'14:57.315
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2222Lancaster14:18.39
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2224UCL'A'14:35.413
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2226York15:01.516
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2227Durham'B'14:20.010
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2228Warwick'B'15:15.517
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2230Sheffield'B'16:59.423
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2232Newcastle'B'14:38.214
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2233Surrey'B'16:07.421
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2234Imperial'B'14:15.48
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2236Durham'C'17:45.424
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2237Newcastle'C'13:46.95
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2238Durham'D'15:26.120
M Int 8+Sunday Div 2239Newcastle'D'15:23.819
W Ch 4xSunday Div 2240Reading15:08.51
W Ch 4xSunday Div 2241Edinburgh16:15.32
W Ch 4xSunday Div 2243Durham16:36.63
W Int 4xSunday Div 2244Newcastle'A'17:06.62
W Int 4xSunday Div 2245Reading'A'16:33.11
W Int 4xSunday Div 2246Edinburgh'A'19:47.211
W Int 4xSunday Div 2247Newcastle'B'17:44.54
W Int 4xSunday Div 2248Hartpury17:24.23
W Int 4xSunday Div 2249Dundee25:06.516
W Int 4xSunday Div 2250Nottingham19:07.09
W Int 4xSunday Div 2251Queen's21:05.214
W Int 4xSunday Div 2252Durham'A'18:23.57
W Int 4xSunday Div 2253Northumbria20:49.013
W Int 4xSunday Div 2254Glasgow Caledonian18:21.76
W Int 4xSunday Div 2255Leeds19:08.110
W Int 4xSunday Div 2262Worcester21:40.115
W Int 4xSunday Div 2263Edinburgh'B'20:37.412
W Int 4xSunday Div 2265Reading'B'18:00.45
W Int 4xSunday Div 2267Newcastle'C'18:59.48
M Ch Lwt 4xSunday Div 2268Nottingham15:19.31
M Ch Lwt 4xSunday Div 2269Reading15:35.32
W Ch 4-Sunday Div 2270Newcastle16:55.44
W Ch 4-Sunday Div 2271Edinburgh'A'16:31.11
W Ch 4-Sunday Div 2272Nottingham17:55.85
W Ch 4-Sunday Div 2273Imperial16:47.82
W Ch 4-Sunday Div 2274Durham16:52.43
W Ch Lwt 4xSunday Div 1278Exeter21:34.43
W Ch 4-Sunday Div 2279Nottingham19:37.36
W Ch 4+Sunday Div 2280Newcastle17:47.72
W Ch 4+Sunday Div 2281Edinburgh18:26.63
W Ch 4+Sunday Div 2283Glasgow17:24.61
W Ch 4+Sunday Div 2284Imperial18:37.54
W Ch 4+Sunday Div 2285Nottingham19:15.75
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2290Dundee19:35.613
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2291Edinburgh'A'23:08.521
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2292Durham'A'19:06.57
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2293Surrey20:36.815
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2294Bath'A'19:29.912
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2297Exeter'A'18:35.56
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2298Liverpool'A'18:13.94
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2299Lancaster19:07.28
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2301Manchester'A'19:11.09
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2302Nottingham Trent21:48.518
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2303York18:33.55
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2305Sheffield'A'20:36.916
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2306Queen Mary26:57.023
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2307Newcastle17:52.61
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2309Northumbria23:04.020
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2310Queen's19:53.614
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2315Bath'B'18:12.93
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2318Exeter'B'18:05.72
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2319Sheffield'B'24:29.522
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2320Liverpool'B'19:27.511
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2321Manchester'B'21:03.117
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2322Durham'C'19:11.610
W Int 4+Sunday Div 2323Liverpool'C'21:50.519